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 performance,​ replenisher flow rates should be checked once a month. performance,​ replenisher flow rates should be checked once a month.
-**Время обработки по процессу CN-16**+**Mixing processing solutions** 
 +If no mistakes have been made in the proper dilution of chemical components, then the pH and specific 
 +gravity values of the solutions should be within limits. If the pH and density of prepared processing solutions 
 +are not within these limits, the solutions cannot be used.
-----+**The film process** 
 +**Processing time** 
 +The time includes the immersion of the film and the transfer to the next tank. The times for the bleach, the 
 +fixer and the stabilizer are of less importance. It is possible to use longer times for these baths. 
 +Replenishment rate 
 +The given replenishment rates are based on a typical mix of negative film and should be considered as a 
 +starting point. The rate is given as ml per film (135 24 exposure). 
 +Aeration/​oxidation of the bleach (when applicable) 
 +In order to maintain its activity, the bleach needs oxygen. It is very important to check the aeration on a 
 +regular basis. The air bubbles should be tiny and the intensity of the aeration needs to be limited to prevent 
 +excessive foaming. Too low aeration will cause leuco-cyan dye formation as well as silver retention 
 +problems, especially when the bleach is too diluted or under-replenished. 
 +Processing solutions will accumulate gelatine residues or other insoluble compounds coming from the 
 +emulsion. When these compounds are not filtered out, they will stick onto the films and build up on the rollers 
 +and racks, causing damage. 
 +Keep the drying unit clean to avoid dust formation. When there are filters installed, clean or change them 
 +regularly. Do not let the drying temperature rise above 65°C. Films coming out with too much curl is an 
 +indication of excessive drying. In this case the drying temperature should be lowered. 
 +**Время обработки по процессу CN-16** 
 +Chemical specifications - FUJIFILM Negative 
 +Solution Name Process Time Solution Temp Replenishment Rate